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Service Description...
The National Granite Co-op Board Meeting Minutes Reading Service is designed specifically to provide information
to the Co-op purchaser’s attorney in order to brief the client on the unit’s and building’s status by providing a detailed
report based on a review of the Minutes.
National Granite's trained professionals visit the Managing Agent’s offices to review the Board Meeting Minutes
as far back as eighteen months, if available. Using a disciplined, systematic approach, the Reader gathers pertinent information about the Co-Op building and it’s operation, then prepares a report on our findings and
packages it for delivery to you.
National Granite Co-op Minutes sends you a typed report of its Board Meeting Minutes Review findings.
You’ll also receive information about the Co-op’s neighborhood that your client will certainly appreciate:
supermarkets, houses of worship, parks, and more. The Report can be sent to you via email, fax or regular mail.
Each Report is $250. National Granite Co-op Minutes is part of the National Granite Family of Companies;
when you ask us to read the minutes for a Co-op, you’re entitled to a package discount when you order the
UCC Lien Search from National Granite Title Insurance Agency: the combined price is $550, a savings
of $50 off our standard pricing.

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