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National Granite has a staff of Attorneys with years of experience in Real Estate -- Experts who are available to answer your real estate questions and assist in resolving Title issues. Our commitment to our clients is to provide professional, expedient and courteous service.

Agent for:

Fidelity National Title Insurance Company
Old Republic Title Insurance Company
Stewart Title Insurance Company
Chicago Title Insurance Company
First American Title Insurance Company
Westcor Land Title Insurance Company


Our services include the following:

 Title Insurance Policies Issued:

Fee (Owner) Policies
Loan (Mortgage) Policies
Modification, Extension and Assignment Policies
Leasehold Policies
Building Loan Policies (with five free run-downs)
Subordinate Mortgage Policies (Limited Liability)
Foreclosure Certificates
Eagle 9 Policy
ALTA-Approved Endorsements
Co-op Leasehold Insurance Policies (Fee and Mortgage)

 Municipal Searches as Required by Lender:
Housing and Building Violations Searches
Certificate of Occupancy Searches
Fire Department Violations Searches
New York City Municipal Searches
Flood Hazard Certification
Tax Search

 Informational Searches (Non-Insured):
Full Period Search without Insurance
Attorney Search (Last Owner and Open Lien Search)
Last Owner (last deed of record) Search
Open Mortgage Search
County Name Searches (judgments, federal tax liens and
UCC Financing Statements) Individual or Corporate
Corporate Status Searches - Secretary of State Level:
Real Estate Tax Searches with Assessment Information
Certified Copies of Recorded Documents
Copies of Filed Maps
Bankruptcy Searches (Individual or Corporate)
Covenants, Restrictions and Easement Searches
Mechanics' Liens Searches
Litigation Searches
Variance Searches
Municipal Searches (See above)
Recording/Filing Services
Zoning Lot Certificates
Litigation searches
Procurement of Municipal Letters for zoning and compliance
Procurement of Zoning Reports
Surrogate Court searches

 Corporate Status Searches:
Certificates of Good Standing
Franchise Tax Search
Certificates of Incorporation
Partnership Certificates
LLC and LLP Filings

 Post Closing Services:

Three-Day Recission Run-downs
Real Estate Taxes, Water and Sewer Pay-off Services
Mortgage Pay-off Services
Judgment Pay-off Services
Public Record Correction Assistance
Prompt, Reliable Recording/Filing
Policy Endorsement with Recording Information
Escrow Services for Pay-off Related Documents

 Cooperative Apartment Searches with or without Liability

 Street Searches (with or without insurance)

 Escrow and Closing Services

 ACRIS Forms

 HUD-1 Preparation

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